AkoZ°om ¨¨¨...from now create the Fundamental Art

when it could be some entry for participating in real life, making around all my life projects become true. One more diffusion could be a good way to say i m somewhere here to produce part of new era.

vendredi, juillet 01, 2005

CyberArts HyperGallery of some artists

ARting with MiT ?
collaboratives with scientists is a great way to give all of us the new paths.But ideas are not always easy really useful products.CyberArts HyperGallery

Art et fractales: une synthèse rapide

Pour ceux qui veulent savoir un peu ce que sont les fractales et ce qu'un artiste peut en acquérir, le site de C Vassallo donne un aperçu bref et concis, et illustré !Art et fractales:sommaire

Japan: Arts and Entertainment: Contemporary

to know some of the art in JApan get and read there those links: Japan: Arts and Entertainment: Contemporary (<=== Selection ===>)

mardi, juin 14, 2005

yes here is the next course, begin to read

fruor in posterum
Fundamental Art from AkoZ

..??.. yepp go there, make a translation and say all what you expect from art and communication...Oui lisez et dites moi ce qu evous en pensez, de ce que pourrait vous apporter un art lié à une communication ?

avec le meilleur de vous-même:
aussi: consultez : blogs sociaux
ou la gallerie: Fundamental-art Gallery
best to you
bien à vous

mardi, janvier 04, 2005

ya, it's there to add some links

Links for new society has been created: i's named Globosocial , goals then are trust in my mind and back-thinking to keep it a reasonable way to have it made. Sure blogs are process to put over and over my ideas, but next i would have to concatenate all to make a coherent piece of work. All those spoken, are rapid and under written papers just out my mind done. Next too, is to refresh the first site (from Ako Z°om theories to give the synthesis of all those part of a big big theory: my life's anguish.
As this blog is part of a first meta-searcher (google), i keep links on it, next to be referenced on the web. Great web-magazines would be sources for appearing, and being visited by interested people.

mardi, décembre 28, 2004

some add in the AkoZ°om'blog'space...make my webspace

just from now, remind that i'm there for more: just translate it's in french !
les blogs par catégorie
ah yes have to put all-in-one and yes drawings too, trying next to vivify directly and more is to be everywhere in art or social forums (funny, there are so few members there, may be chosing english mag...AkoZ°om was there too, as i'm himself.

some flying beauty
here to participate in the debate
be welcome

http://www.stribe.com/ ask myself if i subscribe to it or not... a new one idea... sharing..as
http://www.tribe.net... +++ http://friendsys.com... ++
http://www.friendset.com... ++ http://www.netfriends.fr... +
http://www.myamiz.com +trop simplifié et looké ... faudra voir ce qu'elles rassemblent
et de là il ya les versions business...je cherche plutôt à constituer des équipes
www.LinkedIn.com ++ le plus publié...ça attire, www.spoke.com +++ très pro, jolie et avec en fond une technologie mais press moins visible, cependant voir la company...plus récent ?,
www.ryze.com + trop simple
alors il faudrait s'inscrire aux mieux et tester un peu pour voir...

jeudi, octobre 14, 2004

Alors quelques adresses à vérifier de sites "branchouilles", disons au fait'

samedi, septembre 25, 2004

Art Fundamental ... explications

Art Fundamental ... explications
çççaaaaa mmaaarche, es funktionniert gut... et oui on y est enfin le début du paragraphe avant les explications. Visitez ce site, il s'étoffera de ses dires et a-priori comme je me dois.

vendredi, septembre 10, 2004

PSY _ all chapters rewritten

fruor in posterum
Fundamental Art from AkoZ

..??.. dans ce post , les nouvelles de l'art de psychée...