AkoZ°om ¨¨¨...from now create the Fundamental Art

when it could be some entry for participating in real life, making around all my life projects become true. One more diffusion could be a good way to say i m somewhere here to produce part of new era.

mardi, janvier 04, 2005

ya, it's there to add some links

Links for new society has been created: i's named Globosocial , goals then are trust in my mind and back-thinking to keep it a reasonable way to have it made. Sure blogs are process to put over and over my ideas, but next i would have to concatenate all to make a coherent piece of work. All those spoken, are rapid and under written papers just out my mind done. Next too, is to refresh the first site (from Ako Z°om theories to give the synthesis of all those part of a big big theory: my life's anguish.
As this blog is part of a first meta-searcher (google), i keep links on it, next to be referenced on the web. Great web-magazines would be sources for appearing, and being visited by interested people.