AkoZ°om ¨¨¨...from now create the Fundamental Art

when it could be some entry for participating in real life, making around all my life projects become true. One more diffusion could be a good way to say i m somewhere here to produce part of new era.

samedi, juillet 17, 2004

AkoZ 'products_and so on but actu too...

fruor in posterum
Fundamental Art from AkoZ
Arts Actuels en Roussillon : les salons d'Arts Plastiques
Du 30/10/2004 au 07/11/2004

Le 2ème Salon International d'Arts Plastiques de Perpignan permet aux artistes de toutes tendances d'exposer au coeur même du "Centre du Monde" dans un cadre historique prestigieux et rare.
3000 ? de prix seront distribués.
Renseignemente et inscriptions 04 68 66 92 04
04 68 81 30 53 et infos@arts-actuels.net

SIAPPE - Salon International d'Arts Plastiques de Perpignan
Eglise des Dominicains
66000 Perpignan
Tél. +33 468669204
Fax. +33 468669204
mail : infos@arts-actuels.net
web : http://www.arts-actuels.net

one second and i must publish my gallery just now: artmajeur.com/akozoom to have an other idea from me...
here is the way
but then i don't really have good englih language in my thoughts, and so on is to say i don't speack french normally too. So is to say that i got a real conflict in human communication, previous is to "forknowing" what you will say, then is to "not hear" and letting blabla, after is to say "yes yes, not so good is my way to be friendly hearer. Nor is i'm a big critic for ... all, but i've moderated me on unknown subjects if there are !
i like learning from specialist, focusing more and more on there domain, every. OK, that begins with self confidence, i must say all me in slow presentation. from now: who will read this ? i wait in second: me at first. but second is hasard, i love it. My life is done from it in some very important times.
in a an other, as it's my first blog piece, i must present the Fundamental Art, not artS, that is to say: i created it very recently because i think artists need to define themselves before others. Then i find in my oeuvres some similarity: lines in lines showing one then one more figure, jumping on and on... say in a first nude you see a pose, but then it is surrounding with an other line, and you could see one more nude posing, and then i continue in the same drawing, finishing to the far away meaning i could find on that moment. lines are everywhere then.
Fundamental Art is a great research in instantaneous communication:
when you watch a painting, in the same second your mind say:"heeyy that's boring, beautiful, tender, unmeaning..." well said you judge or have an idea as you don't create this object nor have the idea of the painter... but you know from that instant that you love him, or that you have a dream of images in front of that oeuvre which say an other world.
My art category is the psychological one, the way to some telepathy (?)... i said i'm in plain research to write and make it a true formal language, more speed than in speacking or writing: say go to watch the gallery to come back and make me sure it's a great way to the new human on earth.
and so i want to see what i 've written and being red...
for my best is that mail i receive, because i subscribe there 1,5 year ago, and forgot to write...
see you soon
and well is for you
nb: as this is really a great moment to selfsaid