AkoZ°om ¨¨¨...from now create the Fundamental Art

when it could be some entry for participating in real life, making around all my life projects become true. One more diffusion could be a good way to say i m somewhere here to produce part of new era.

mardi, juillet 20, 2004

Renderosity - Gallery, Downloads, Tutorials, Models, Textures, Poser Resources

Renderosity - what a marvellous digital art site
it was in some year a real part of sharing art, but it was too classified in that numeric new generation... but specialism is our society order... still global a get out of history.
now i get a method: draw first, exploiting by scanning the gesture...printing in draft or well but some part, and back to make draw or paint a solid way... the matter is really that i draw in 50x65cm paper not on A4, and then i do shot it and then back...
transferring is quite a bit long, and piece remade are in small scale, or then working in some squared plan, and recompose all the paintings back: the solution in computing way: zooming is far from eyes.
but back let idea become true and really seen for all human, why not horses too ?