AkoZ°om ¨¨¨...from now create the Fundamental Art

when it could be some entry for participating in real life, making around all my life projects become true. One more diffusion could be a good way to say i m somewhere here to produce part of new era.

vendredi, juillet 16, 2004

sold products...not yet...art on T-shirt

fruor in posterum
Fundamental Art from AkoZ
is born

i still find that blog a new kind of thoughts, revealing even more what i 've ever been: perhaps an inadaptative cognitive mad human.
I would like to go back on the first profile, it said stupid, but i would say so much as my way to think has reflecting an empathic mirror of the other near from me.
but the reality is that i'm always disturbed just when i wanted not to be.
then i've to write about all my projects, think in a special new blog. it will be better, because of no affective factors, but technicals and social ones.
yes now is to work on rapid prototypes projects to show products even virtually; then i need to make teams for all my projects... public ones and private too, as experts needed. to find i 'll read proceedings about specialized projects.
bye for now coz children there to be feed.

yeaahh yes